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Strong experience of over 50 years of Meccanoplastica, we continue the goals of quality and innovation that have allowed over the years to become the industry leader.

Personalized assistance and the possibility of maintenance of mills and cutters with sharpening blades and cutters.


A complete range of models allow to face the different work-requiremts

Machines are made of quality steel and all parts in contact with thermoplastic materials are chromium plated or in stainless steel.
Cutting unit is made of HSS helicoidal miller and a widia fixed blade
Drawing unit with both rollers individually driven

Possibility of different length of granules.

Pelletizers model GTP 5 and GTP 10 have a hinged cutting housing which can be completely opened and easily cleaned, with a cantilevered cutter arbor and drawing roller.

Beside the press granulator

The main features are the low number of revolutions and the multiblades rotor, wich allow working at low powers by getting a limited level of noise and groundproduct without dust.

The series of auger granulators is designed for automatic and continuos recovery of feedheads and rejects. 

It can be set up directly under or beside the machines (blow moulding and injection machines), making the recycling rapid and automatic.

Dehumidifier DM

The dehumidifier has been designed for the dehumidification of plastic granules.
Some thermoplastic resins have properties which mean they absorb moisture; before being processed, it’s essential that these materials are dried first using dehumidifier air.


Granulators for small, average and high outputs.

Manufactured in wear resistant steel.

Rotor shaft in high quality steel mounted on roller bearings
Both rotating and stationary blades manufactured from high tensile steel hardened and tempered with micrometer adjustment.
Choice of alternative screen mesh sizes available.
Easy access to screen and cutting chamber for cleaning
Soundproofed enclosure for low noise level operation, easily removeable for access
Blower and cyclone or conveyor system available for scrap removal.

On-line recovery

Important features
Draftgear with drawing and pressure roller

Soundproofed enclosure to reduce noise
Blower and cyclon system to transport the ground material to a storage bin or to the extruder hopper for an automatic recycle.
Output is based on material, thickness and screen mesh size.

Repairs and spare parts

UTS also propose all the spare parts of the granulators and pelletizers made by Meccanoplastica and equally the ability of their maintenance, sharpening of blades and cutting units.

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