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UTS Technology

We also offer spare parts for all machines manufactured by Meccanoplastica, together with the possibility of maintenance of mills and cutters, sharpening blades and cutters.
Repairs and spare parts

UTS also propose all the spare parts of the granulators and pelletizers made by Meccanoplastica and equally the ability of their maintenance, sharpening of blades and cutting units.

  • Sharpen and production of blades and cutters on your design

  • Assembly, installation and maintenance of industrial machines

  • Revision and standardization of machinery and equipment

  • Trade of industrial machinery new and used


Strong experience of over 50 years of Meccanoplastica, we continue the goals of quality and innovation that have allowed over the years to become the industry leader.


With high quality products, we have developed sales also to foreign markets, while also consolidating cooperation with leading equipment manufacturers.

Special Assistance

Every customer is a world unto itself. For this we provide a personalized assistance and specific to the needs of each individual client.